Real Estate Photography


Why Choose Step Inside Media for your Real Estate Photography needs?

Our photography methods are geared 100% toward the real estate industry. Real estate and structures are our focus and the only thing we photograph. As a technology-forward company, we are constantly working on improving our real estate photography techniques and editing processes.

The real estate photos we provide are consistent and provide sellers and Realtors with High Quality without High Costs. For only $149 for a single-family home, we provide 35+ high resolution and professionally edited photos with a guaranteed turnaround of 48 hours (except for Friday-Saturday appointments).

Interior and Exterior Real Estate HDR Photos

  • Bracketed photos to offer true HDR
  • Advanced editing processes include:
    • Window masking for superior window viewing
    • Replace overcast skies (where necessary)
    • Brown grass patches turned to green (upon request)
    • TV’s and Monitors overlayed with images
    • Fire added to fireplace (upon request)
  • Guaranteed 48 hour turnaround, typical turnaround of 24-36 hours
  • Photos available via website, can download full files or MLS compliant sizes with 1-click
  • Add 3D Matterport Tour
  • Add Aerial Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I receive the photos taken by Step Inside Media?
A: Once the photos have been edited, we deliver the photos via email with links for direct download.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: Capturing real estate photos takes roughly 45 minutes for a single-family home but can take longer for larger properties. Once captured, our editing process can take hours but we typically have the photos in your inbox in 24-48 hours.

Q: Will I be able to use these photos with the MLS?
A: Yes! We provide you with the original high-resolution photos that can be used for print or online with your website or social media, along with MLS compliant sizes to make uploading the MLS easy.