10 Home Staging Tips

Home Staging 101


So you’re getting ready to sell your home and you’re wondering what you need to do to prepare. Look no further – here you’ll find 10 surefire tips to staging your home for success!

  1. Say “See ya!” to clutter: The less clutter, the larger and tidier a home feels! Less is so much more when it comes to staging a home. It also allows prospective buyers to picture their own items in your home, which allows them to feel like it is their home, which could mean an offer!
  2. Arrange furniture in a way that best showcases and maximizes the space: This may mean moving items to another room or even removing certain pieces altogether. The important thing is for each room to feel like a defined space, while still appearing as large and functional as possible. Have a bulky sectional in a small living room? REMOVE IT! Consider replacing it with a loveseat and smaller, complimentary arm chairs.
  3. Make unused or awkward spaces functional: Have an odd nook off of a kitchen? Make it into a coffee or dry bar! If it’s off the living room or a bedroom, make it into an office workspace or reading corner. Buyers love extra unique spaces as long as they can visualize what to do with it. Remember not to clutter these small spaces!
  4. Update wherever possible: If updating appliances or cabinets isn’t in the budget, remember that the little things can make all the difference. Updating paint or outdated light fixtures will make a drastic improvement visually. Replace old mirrors and dirty grout or caulk in bathrooms and add a new, serene shower curtain with matching towels and mats. Make bedrooms feel as serene as possible with a neutral color palate and calming patterns/decor. If you do decide to go all the way and update flooring and/or appliances, consider energy efficient and environmentally friendly options, as buyers tend to be impressed by them.
  5. Stick with neutral color schemes: This goes for paint, furniture, and decor! Though bright colors may appear to some people (like you), the reality is that they do not appeal to the majority. Some colors can even make a room feel smaller or darker than they really are, which can steal value from your home in the eyes of prospective buyers. A bold, complimentary accent wall, however, could do a lot for a room.
  6. Make your home feel cozy and inviting with plenty of warm lighting: Use a combination of overhead lighting, floor or table lamps and even under or over cabinet lighting if possible! Be careful not to overdo it, but try to utilize at least a couple light sources in each room.
  7. Complete any obviously unfinished projects: Most people want their home turnkey and can be turned off when they notice unfinished projects. And don’t do it half-way, you wouldn’t want that in your new home, would you?
  8. Bring life to your spaces: Go outside and pick a bouquet of flowers or greenery (or pop by your local market) and arrange it tastefully on your island or kitchen table. It just adds a touch of freshness that appeals to almost any buyer. Be careful not to go too fragrant or exotic to avoid allergy issues.
  9. We all love our pets, but it’s to your benefit to stage your home as though you do not have any: There are several reasons for this all important tip. Most people have some allergy or another, and pet dander is one of the most common. Pets also lead people to “sniff around” a little more closely, both figuratively and literally. They’ll keep an eye out for furballs, a litter box and even potty accidents. It’s best to keep pets out of the home entirely for staging, photos, and open houses, and to keep your home free of any fur and odor.
  10. Which brings me to my final tip – keep it in tip-top shape from the moment you list: This means regular vacuuming, dusting, deodorizing, picking up and organizing every inch of your home until it’s sold. It’s tedious and downright exhausting, but you want an offer, right?!

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